Ginkgo Leaf DIY Bouquet The First Flowers Of Autumn

I like to pick up leaves in autumn, seashells by the beach, and rocks by the river. The golden rose made of ginkgo leaves turns the fallen leaves into flowers. Who do you want to give the first bouquet of autumn flowers? Make a bouquet of ginkgo leaves to embrace the tail of autumn.

The ginkgo leaves that fall in autumn are very beautiful, even if they fall on the ground, they become a beautiful painting. Share an interesting hand-made tutorial, using ginkgo leaves to make three-dimensional roses, you can give it to your beloved girl as a gift. Are the kids moving? Get ginkgo biloba, double-sided tape, wire and yarn ready, and try the following tutorial!

I have always felt that ginkgo is a fairy tale of late autumn, and the golden ginkgo is like a tree of sunshine. In the cold early winter, it gives us warmth deep in our hearts. First collect the golden ginkgo leaves, wrap a few ginkgo leaves one by one, and then arrange the flower shape. It’s that simple.

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