Cute DIY Handmade Plush Stick Ring

Cute rabbits are one of children’s favorite animals, and their lively movements have become the best source of inspiration for handmade creation. Share a simple manual tutorial, using a plush stick to make a rabbit ring, which can be worn by children to play. Do children also like such beautiful animal accessories? Prepare a few plush sticks and follow the tutorial below to try it step by step!

1. Prepare a long plush stick and twist it around your finger to make a ring.
2. Twist the two ends of the plush stick to the ring to make a rabbit ear shape.
3. Prepare two short plush sticks and twist them between the rabbit ears.
4. Finally, arrange the ring and bunny ears to make the ring more three-dimensional.

Note: If there are children involved in the DIY of this rabbit ear crafts, you need to pay attention to the iron wire of the plush rod, because it will be very sharp.

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