Snowflake Christmas Decoration With Cotton Swab DIY

Winter has arrived, is the first snow of 2020 still far away? Take you to make a big snowflake and feel the snow. It’s almost December. Although Christmas is still some time away, the streets and alleys have begun to have a festive atmosphere. Today I will share with you Christmas snowflakes. Snowflakes are essential decorations for Christmas parties. , A few cotton swabs can be a perfect substitute.

1. Cut off the cotton part with a cotton swab, divide the remaining wooden sticks into equal parts, and glue them into an equilateral 6-sided shape with hot melt glue.
2. Then make the cut cotton swab heads into small flowers. A “small flower” needs 3 cotton swab heads, and then glue the small flowers on the corners of the hexagon.
3. Finally, glue a circle of “small flowers” on the sides of the hexagon.
4. The point to be noted here is that the length of the two layers of “small flowers” is different, and the second layer is longer.

Use cotton swabs to make snowflake DIY crafts and then hang them on windows or Christmas trees. Isn’t it super beautiful?

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