Teach You To Use Straws To Make Flower DIY Decoration

Children use straws when they drink yogurt and milk. When we go to restaurants and ask for a drink, we use straws. Straws can be used in many places. Many people use them and throw them into the trash. So can the straw be used to transform it? Today, I will take everyone to make handmade, how to make beautiful flowers with plastic straws DIY.

1. Prepare the cotton swab as the stamen of the floret. You can also use a yellow colored pencil to paint the cotton head on the cotton swab with yellow. Cut the straw vertically from the middle with scissors, and then cut it into a long strip from one side.
2. Use double-sided tape on the other uncut side, start rolling along the cotton swab, and roll it to an appropriate level, remove the extra straw, and the cute little flower is ready.
3. Make some other styles and colors of small flowers. Many beautiful small flowers are placed together, each with its own characteristics. Is it simple, interesting and beautiful?

You can save all the disposable straws at home, make small flowers of different styles, and put them together. It would be even better if there was a vase, which is quite beautiful as a decoration at home. Learn more hand-made simple use of straws, please continue to pay attention to share other tutorials recommended by DIY.

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