Simple And Cute Plush Lollipop DIY Handicraft Tutorial

Some children in the family will definitely play with plush sticks. You can make a lot of things with plush sticks. Let’s share how to make lollipops with plush sticks. I hope it will help you.

With two or three colors of plush sticks and a chopstick, we can make a very beautiful lollipop, whether it is held in the hand or inserted into a glass bottle as a decoration!

1. Prepare four plush sticks of different colors.
2. Take three plush sticks and twist them together.
3. Roll the wound plush rod from one end into a circle.
4. The remaining green plush stick is made into a bow shape.
5. Fix the finished plush stick round, bow and chopsticks together with a hot melt glue gun, and a lollipop is ready.

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