Make Your Own Mask

1. Fold two layers of non-woven fabric and cut into rectangles. The length and width should be determined by the person wearing the mask. Children and adults are not the same size.
2. Sew the edges of the cut non-woven fabric first.
3. Fold the sides of the non-woven fabric and sew again.
4. Cut two stretches of appropriate length and sew on the edge of the folded nonwoven fabric.
5. Finally, fold the edge of the folded non-woven fabric and sew it with threads to make the mask more close to the face.

1. A layer of cling film can be added between the two layers of non-woven fabric, which will have better water resistance.
2. You can change the black line to the white line, and the mask will look better. The black line in the video is for you to see the process of making masks more clearly.
3. If you have a sewing machine at home, it is more convenient to use a sewing machine. Video stitching is designed so that most people can learn and even make it themselves.
4. Hands should be cleaned and disinfected before making DIY masks. The masks must be disinfected before use.

1. Be careful when using scissors and needles, and children need to make them under the supervision of adults.
2. If you want to add cling film, you need to be careful during wearing the mask to avoid unsmooth breathing. It is recommended not to add plastic wrap when making child masks to avoid suffocation.

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